Economics and Culture

I have been analyzing Geert Hofstede’s cultural dimensions assessment[1] and its potential it to elucidate the social, economic, and spiritual behavior (spiritual in this context is a reference to the conscious and unconscious being) of capitalist culture.  According to Hofstede, culture is “the collective programming of the mind that distinguishes one group or category from another (Hofstede, […]

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Black Community

I recently observed, and slightly participated in a conversation, that, in my opinion, has the potential to be transformative for Black folks. For those of you not aware, a Black Haitian man was murdered in the Dominican Republic, in plain sight. In response this violence, someone likened the Dominican and Haitian history to the Bloods […]

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A better way…

I love economics because it is the study of and postulations of the possibilities of us! Economics is also a perspective. It is a particular perspective on behaviors. It is a perspective about the world. It is someone’s perspective on everything. Rarely does one ask whose perspective the system is built for, and whose perspective […]

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Message From The Flowers

You are here. It is done. We have arrived. We have placed these flowers to remind you, to remind us that what seems like the past, the forgotten, is only a different way of looking at the present, and the future. It is all one, all connected. There is only transformation. That is why we […]

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