Message From The Flowers

You are here. It is done. We have arrived. We have placed these flowers to remind you, to remind us that what seems like the past, the forgotten, is only a different way of looking at the present, and the future. It is all one, all connected. There is only transformation. That is why we have left these flowers.

Do you see? The dust, merely a collection of the now together in one place, at one time, those webs? Oh, they are the connection. We thank our friend spider, another version of the self, for those webs reminding us of our link. To remind you of those who have gone before you and those who are living the now. We are together in one place. We guide and protect each other.

You see, life is not about leaving your mark, per se, but about leaving a marker. So that we know where we left off, what must be continued, and where we shall go.


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