I am, moving, growing, changing, challenging, and laughing all the way (although sometimes not laughing at all)!  To say that I first came to love the study of economics in my first college econ course, is not completely accurate.  The truth is, I was enamored with economics since childhood.  Only then, I did not know it by its name.  I saw things, I encountered things, as we all do, and I knew there was a misappropriation of resources.  I lived our history, the history of America, through the experience of an only daughter among 2 male siblings, a Black woman, of what we like to call here, lower class.  I would just like to point out, that while my parents did not make much money- they for sure had class, and it was not low!! Thank you very much.

Anywho, it was not until I sat in my first economics course in college, that my passion was given a label.  What I share here are visions of an alternative economic structure I call – Socially Conscientious Economics.  I am working on developing ways, models, and a philosophical framework based on the interconnected nature of existence.  For that, I rely quite a bit on physics, quantum theory, cosmology, and theology, basically wherever I find truth.  Absolute, not necessarily relative truth that is!

I hope you enjoy! I hope it intrigues.  Perhaps it may even anger some.  But, no matter what the feeling, my very presence has placed a bend -an alteration- in the fabric of space time, and who could ask for anything more?

P&L (that peace and love, not profit and loss for you overly finance minded folks!)


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